Here at Jordani Africa Trade Company, we export large quantities of green coffee beans to the United States, Europe, Asia and throughout the continent of Africa. Jordani Coffee is 100% high quality fully washed Arabica coffee bean that Is grown in beautiful Rwanda, the Land of Thousand Hills. What’s unique about Jordani Coffee? Jordani Coffee cherries are harvested at a high altitude in Rwanda’s rich soils of the northern and eastern provinces. Our coffee is roasted to perfection which elevates the unique memorable flavors coffee lovers desire.


Jordani Specialty Coffee 12 Oz (340 g)

Jordani Coffee is 100% high quality Arabica Bourbon Specialty Coffee grown on the high mountains of the Western, Eastern, & Northern Provinces of Rwanda. At the Jordani Coffee lab, we specialize in micro-roasting, this ensures high quality in each roasted batch. Our customers can expect a unique personalized handcrafted batch of Specialty Coffee in each bag.  We are certified by Rwanda Standard Board (RSB) which guarantees quality control. Jordani Coffee exports roasted whole beans, ground coffee beans, as well as green coffee beans with a grade of 85+; ensuring that our customers receive high quality specialty coffee.


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