About Us

Jordani Africa Trading Company LTD

Jordani Africa Trading Company LTD, home base is in East Africa (Rwanda) and New York (United States). Our mission is to reach customers globally, bringing high quality goods from the continent of Africa. Our products are certified, custom approved and ready to ship to you. Whether you are on the continent of Africa, in the United States, in Europe, in Asia, or if you choose to order from USA Amazon Prime, you're a click away; we will meet your shipping needs, large or small. At Jordani Africa Trading LTD, we supply goods to large supermarket chains, local grocery stores chains, Colleges/University, businesses, restaurants and food services companies throughout the continent of Africa and the United States.

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Our Mission

In 2020, this husband and wife team moved to Rwanda with a dream, and lots of passion to build their brand of specialty coffee (Jordani Coffee). Jordani Coffee was established in 2015, in their home in the United States. “We at Jordani Coffee are “Micro-Roasters”; as micro-roasters our company is able to achieve a consistent level of quality with every batch, so every bean is roasted to perfection. What does this mean for our customers? Better quality control, guaranteed freshness, extra love and care, handcrafted and roasted by passionate experts.” Jordani Coffee LTD & Jordani Coffee LLC, works with Rwandan farmers in the Northern, Eastern & Western provinces of Rwanda harvesting some of the highest quality coffee in the world. Jordani Coffee is passionate about supporting the efforts of their partners; “Our goal is to support our partners with essential items needed to do their work efficiently. Subsequently, this will allow the farmers to earn higher revenue, which will lead to a higher quality of living, and sustainability.”

Who we are, What we do & Our Values

Who we are

Jordani African Trade Company LTD, is a Rwandan based Export Company that exports high quality coffee as well as other agricultural goods globally.

What we do

Our company exports high quality Rwandan Coffee beans on the global markets. Jordani not only sells coffee; we work with farmers to help produce the best ​Arabica Speciality Coffee ​harvested at a high altitude in the rich soils of the Lake Kivu Region as well as in the high mountains of the Northern Provinces. We work with farmers to help produce the best ​Arabica Speciality Coffee grown on the shores of lake Kivu in Rwanda.

Our Values

  • Our company takes pride in the fact we work with farmers that produce grade A coffee that is government tested and approved.
  • Our goal is to work hard to meet our buyer’s requirements, which is our priority.
  • Our company works hard to have shipments in on time, and to provide smooth transactions.
  • Representatives are available daily for orders and any questions or concerns. Please see our contact page and leave a message.
  • All products are NAEB certified & customs approved prior to shipping.
  • Our goal is to ensure that the quality of coffee beans meet high grade standards with a score of 85+.

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